The Internet of Things Clusters

IoT has the potential to be the next major economic and societal disruption enabled by the Internet. IoT is establishing itself as a concrete business trend and opportunity, going beyond digitisation of industry and beyond Big Data. It is developing new ecosystems that cut across vertical areas, in a convergence between the physical and digital worlds, not only gathering data but also things’ actuation, connection and programming towards a intelligent systems.

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The Joint Institute for Innovation Policy (JIIP, including Tecnalia, Joanneum Research and VTT) in collaboration with KPMG has been awarded the so called ‘IoT clusters study’.

This study aims to
• To analyse and understand the IoT ecosystems by creating a Dynamic Mapping of IoT innovation clusters (start-ups, accelerators, incubators, investors, research centres, smart communities, etc.) in Europe.
• And subsequently provide (EU) policy makers with the knowledge of the ecosystem driving the innovation in IoT in order to determine how to support the development of IoT solutions and how to enhance their acceptability and adoption by end users.

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This web site is currently under development. It will contain information of IoT clusters, the data collected and interactive community driven sections. The study runs until end 2017.
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